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Casey Brown

As the Director of Government Relations in S360’s Olympia office, Casey offers expertise in political strategy and public policy at the state, local, and tribal level. Prior to joining S360, Casey served as Senior Policy Associate for Cascade Government Affairs, an Olympia-based lobbying firm. He advocated on behalf of a wide array of clients, participating … Continued

Carol Freeman

Carol is an innovative administrator with over 15 years of business management experience. Selected by the National Business Association to teach coursework in office management, Carol has extensive training and knowledge of what is required to make an office run efficiently and effectively. She has worked for law firms, served as a personal assistant to … Continued

Brooke Shabansky

Brooke is an experienced IT Specialist with a passion for delivering exceptional client experiences and supporting individuals in navigating the ever-evolving world of technology. Their expertise spans a wide range of IT areas, including system administration, network management, hardware, and software troubleshooting, and cybersecurity. At S360, Brooke has played a pivotal role in ensuring the … Continued

Lily Eriksen

Lily serves on S360’s public affairs team in Washington state bringing expertise in strategic program management and stakeholder engagement for a proven track record of effective policy adoption. With her experience working alongside top public officials, Lily has successfully developed and executed campaigns designed to secure buy-in from communities, businesses, and political supporters. Prior to … Continued

Nick Streuli

Nick Streuli is the Senior Vice President of Washington State Government Relations at Strategies 360, leading the firm’s professional team of advocates in Olympia. Known for his collaborative problem solving and partnership building savvy, Nick has navigated complex legislative negotiations that require consensus across diverse interests in the areas of clean energy, employment and workforce … Continued

Meagan Gillis

Meagan has fine-tuned skills in accounting, tax specialization, and financial planning and she continues to grow and adapt these proficiencies in the accounting industry. As Staff Accountant, Meagan supports internal teams and S360’s clients with contracts, billing and other accounting needs. Prior to S360, Meagan worked as a staff accountant at a boutique firm in … Continued

Helen Rosinsky

Helen is a Research Analyst in the Strategies 360 headquarters office. With an understanding of how data influences and impacts community engagement, Helen applies her practical knowledge to help analyze the information derived from S360’s polling. She is responsible for analyzing numbers and compiling data from polls and studies to present to clients in a … Continued

Ben O

Ben is a member of the finance team and serves as a Staff Accountant. His primary responsibility is to manage accounts payable, expense reports and reconciliation. He has previous experience as an accounts payable lead. Also, Ben has experience in compliance auditing and tax preparation. And through that experience, he has led teams to work … Continued

Tori Tavolazzi

Tori is a Digital Account Manager on Strategies 360 Digital Marketing team. She serves S360 clients with digital advertising campaign management across a multitude of platforms. This includes achieving and exceeding client’s goals in a transparent and efficient manner with regular metrics tracking and reporting. Using Google Analytics and customized internal tools, Tori leverages information … Continued

Hannah Waterman

Hannah is Research Analyst in the Strategies 360 Seattle headquarter office. As a member of the Research Team, Hannah facilitates and interprets data for clients to easily understand. Prior to S360, Hannah interned on a State House race in 2020 and in Sen. Maria Cantwell’s D.C office in 2021. Hannah is passionate for labor movements, … Continued

John Rosenberg

John serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Strategies 360’s Finance team based out of the Seattle headquarters. As CFO, John is responsible for oversight of the firm’s accounting team and processes. He ensures timely and accurate processing and reporting of the firm’s financial information to allow for superior decision-making throughout the entire firm. John’s … Continued

Spencer Thulin

Spencer is a Research Analyst at the Strategies 360 headquarters in Seattle. As a member of the Research Team, Spencer is responsible for helping facilitate studies commissioned by clients. He also offers clients recommendations based off of the gathered research information.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Whitman College, Spencer’s scientific background gives … Continued

Leah Gerber

As our Contract Manager, Leah supports the finance team in the administration of client contracts in collaboration with all of S360’s offices. With a background in the legal sector, Leah brings a deeper dimension of knowledge to the finance team. Leah also brings modern experience in the use of business systems and technologies to streamline … Continued

Paulina Knoblock

As a Senior Research Analyst for Strategies 360, Paulina provides data-driven solutions and strategy to address client needs. She supports the Research Team in ensuring public opinion polling is accurate with comprehensive analysis of data and text. Paulina also works on programming of polling responses to gain deeper insights.    Prior to S360, Paulina worked on the fundraising … Continued

Kiley Jack

With a keen eye for color, shape, form, and balance, Kiley creates visually stunning designs for client’s creative needs. From print design and typography, to layouts and logos, Kiley works to create impactful, story-driven imagery. Prior to working at S360, Kiley worked for Sunday Afternoons, an outdoor hats company to support their product marketing. She started … Continued

Janice Leevin

As a Senior Accountant, Janice brings her expertise in financial services and accounting to support S360’s clients and team. She manages invoices, billing, and monthly reporting all to help ensure the firm’s finical services are in order. Janice comes to S360 from DocuSign as a Revenue Accounting Specialist and Costco Wholesale Corporate as an Assistant … Continued

Rachel Nakanishi

Rachel approaches her work as S360’s Vice President of Education Communications with a deep passion for ensuring every young person has access to the education that can enable them to have the future they dream of. In her role, Rachel supports education clients with comprehensive communications services, especially for school districts working on bond and … Continued

Kanwar Pal Kaur

Kanwar supports S360 clients with contract preparation, invoicing and maintaining billing schedules. With a strong work ethic and attention to detail, she delivers high quality accounting services to clients and the S360 team to ensure finances run smoothly. Before joining S360 Kanwar was a Junior Financial Analyst with Washington Trust Bank. Here she supported customers … Continued

Sarina Montenegro

As Senior Art Director, Sarina draws on her experience as a designer, photo art director and brand builder. Her approach stems from her innately refined aesthetic, natural sense of curiosity, and penchant for problem solving. Her love of typography, color and photography serves as the foundation to building memorable visual narratives. With each project, she … Continued

Kurt Beckett

Kurt brings nearly two decades of experience in high-level organizational strategy, management, operations, marketing, and public affairs to Strategies 360. His ability to bring multiple interests together to solve complex problems stems from his personal philosophy: to tackle the hard issues, you must collectively have the will, trust and focus to get the win. Most … Continued