Our Team

Rachel Nakanishi

Vice President of Education Communications

Rachel approaches her work as S360’s Vice President of Education Communications with a deep passion for ensuring every young person has access to the education that can enable them to have the future they dream of. In her role, Rachel supports education clients with comprehensive communications services, especially for school districts working on bond and levy campaigns. Clients can rely on Rachel to effectively solve problems through relationship building and to navigate communications solutions for any type of audience. She also delivers communications services including stakeholder engagement, crisis management, talking points and messaging, and professional development.

While Rachel has worked in communications for health care, financial services, and the food and beverage industry, her heart is in education. She is proud to have led the Seattle Public Schools communications team and supported the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with professional development and event coordination for their K-12 education team.

With a love of storytelling, Rachel wields her breadth of experience to develop communications through the power of compelling words and images. Using research-backed messaging, she develops content based on the needs of the community and those impacted by change.

Rachel holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the George Washington University.

She grew up exploring the lakes and mountains of northwest Montana, where she returns to visit her parents and go hiking, skiing, and swimming. When she’s home in Seattle, she cooks for loved ones and attempts to make her cat Instagram famous. She is also a DECA mentor for young people interested in marketing.

Rachel Nakanishi
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