Marketing and Advertising

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Storytelling is our trade. Behind the most enduring brands and memorable campaigns is a story with power and resonance. Our team marries compelling messaging, stellar design, and the best tools and analytics to guarantee impact and action. Whether you’re looking for web design and development, social media strategy, advertising, branding, video production or search and performance marketing—we’ll not only get people’s attention; we’ll aim for fidelity and lasting change.

We have a team of top notch creatives—writers and designers who bring strategic thinking to every endeavor. From brochures and mailers to annual reports and messaging frameworks, we provide graphic design and copywriting services that make you look and sound your absolute best.

In a fast-moving, noisy, and digitally-driven world, ad campaigns need arresting creative and targeted messaging to be recognized and remembered. And even the best creative can only do its job if it’s seen by the right people at the right place and right time. S360’s digital marketing team can identify audience behaviors, interests, demographics, and even voting histories with precision, guaranteeing your campaign gets noticed and your audiences take action. Best of all, digital advertising is cost-effective and measurable, meaning you get the maximum value for your money.

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Making change requires innovative technology solutions. For our clients to make change in today’s world, the proper use of technology is critical. Moving far beyond just providing website development services, S360 has a whole host of innovative and cutting-edge technology services to help our clients make a difference. Our Jakarta technical services team provides an unparalleled level of skills and value for our clients. Located in the Central Business District of Jakarta and consisting of 15 developers, project managers and quality assurance engineers, our team can be tapped for all manner of technical work from quick turnaround projects to multi-year software project engagements. Our Jakarta office is fully in service to S360 clients, ensuring that we can implement highly technical tactics and tools for making the change our clients want to see.

Our Technology Services:

  • Business Information Systems
    • Technology Consulting and Auditing
    • Client Relationship Management (CRM) development
    • Legislative and grassroots advocacy systems
    • Database integrations
    • Extract Transform Load (ETL)
  • Infrastructure Management
    • Managed hosting and services for WordPress and Drupal
    • Custom cloud infrastructure design, implementation and management
  • Web Application Development
    • Website development
    • Mobile app and website development
    • API-first custom software development
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration

At the heart of any successful and magnetic organization is a story. It’s the story about what you stand for and stand behind. It’s the story about what sets you apart from the pack. And it’s a story about what people become part of when they join you.

Your brand is the articulation of that story, expressed in the way you look, the way you talk, and the way you show up in the world.

Our in-house brand and creative strategy shop, The Hilt, provides high-touch creative that takes this story-driven approach. From strategic brand positioning to development of verbal and visual identity systems to memorable brand expression, we’ve worked with some of the best in the business to uncover and articulate their stories. We also deliver arresting advertising and fundraising campaigns, marketing collateral, publications, and websites that inspire audiences to action.

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A high-quality, well-produced video can take your brand or campaign to the next level. Our in-house team can write, direct, shoot and edit informational video content that’s broadcast-ready. This includes anything from brief TV spots to more in-depth content for the web. Connect with our Vice President of Content and Videography here.