Celebrating Teachers!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate the incredible contributions of educators. Below our team members share personal stories and expressions of gratitude of how teachers inspire and transform the lives of students. 


“My high school teachers taught me to expand my worldview, trust my potential, and have courage to enter the unknown. Thanks to their encouragement and guidance, I reached further in life than I would have on my own. Thank you to all teachers for mentoring young minds and supporting the future generations!” – Maria Bojórquez-Gómez 

“Thank you to all the teachers out there who are working hard to support students. Everything you do makes a difference, whether it’s running a club or a special program, taking time to answer a question, or even just being a supportive ear. It’s all the little things that make a difference for our students. “- Stephanie Bragdon 

“Through my experiences both as a parent and during my visits to various classrooms with Strategies 360, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact teachers have on their students. Whether it’s offering support, encouragement, and patience to a young reader, or equipping high school students with the skills that lead to success after graduation, teachers truly unlock each student’s potential and help them discover their strengths and skills. Thank you to teachers for all you do for students!” – Craig Kanaya 

“The teachers in my life have been so influential. From my own teachers who encouraged me explore my passions, to my mother, sister-in-law, and dear friends who have committed their lives to educating the next generation, to my son’s teachers who help him feel confident in his learning journey – I can’t express how deeply grateful I am for the great impact teachers make on all of our lives.”  – Alyson Marchi-Young 

“Educators are vital to our society and our democracy. As a former educator, I’ve witnessed the challenges and triumphs they face on a daily basis. They are among the most caring and hardworking professionals, and I have nothing but respect for them. I’m so proud to work for a company, like Strategies 360, that works to ensure that districts, educators, and students have the resources and infrastructure they need to be successful!” – Jessica McBride 

“I will always remember that one teacher who believed in me before I believed in myself and helped me see all the things I was capable of. I think about how much more teachers like that could do with more resources and better facilities and how much it would mean for students. That’s what centers my work as I support schools and districts. Thank you to all the teachers doing the most with so little. You are truly superheroes! – Rachel Nakanishi 

“My Mom was a longtime teacher, and I’m truly fortunate to have had an educator raise me.  She instilled a lifelong thirst to learn and gave me a greater appreciation for how hard teachers work.  To celebrate my Mom’s long and distinguished career as a teacher, I salute all educators during Teacher Appreciate Week.” – Andy Winer