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Alyson Marchi-Young

Communications Manager

As Communications Manager, Alyson delivers firm-wide communications that promote the great work of the whole S360 team. Experienced in policy, non-profit, and corporate communications strategies, Alyson also wields her diverse background to grow the impact and outreach of S360 clients across the firm’s footprint. She is particularly adept at speech writing and event programing. Alyson has a passion for DEI-conscious communications, strategic planning, and organizational brand building.

Alyson cut her teeth in policy communications as the Marketing and Communications Strategist for 1000 Friends of Oregon. Her work helped secure major wins in Oregon, including the passage of the state’s 2017 transportation package with robust funding for transit, pedestrian, e-vehicles, and bikes. She also guided press relations and social media in support of pro-housing policies, open-space and farmland preservation, and comprehensive land use practices. Alyson managed the organization’s brand, supported fundraising efforts, and developed the communications strategic plan that led to a new website and digital toolkit.

Previously, she served both the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and Oregon Public Broadcasting as a corporate fundraiser. Her work at these iconic institutions built brand awareness and appreciation for hundreds of local and national organizations. Alyson has developed innovative sponsorships, cross-promotional outreach programs, event strategies, and comprehensive media plans that drove millions of dollars in investments to OPB and OMSI.

Alyson knows the West. As a sixth-generation San Franciscan who moved to Portland as a young person, and then to Washington where she studied theatre and political science at the University of Puget Sound, she is proud to be 100% West Coast. She earned her degree at Southern Oregon University. Now based in Portland, she is the embodied stereotype of Portlandia: living in a farmhouse at the edge of town on a half-acre fruit orchard with her husband, son, rescue dog, cat, and chickens.

Alyson Marchi-Young
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