Our Team

Madeleine Schmidt

Director of Communications, Colorado

Madeleine serves as the Communications Manager for Strategies 360 in the Denver office. With lifelong passions for writing and political advocacy and a five year stint as a journalist, Madeleine guides clients through a challenging media landscape and helps them craft their message to achieve their goals.

Before joining S360, Madeleine was a Colorado political reporter and social media manager for the Colorado Times Recorder (CTR), a recently established progressive political news outlet in Denver. Madeleine helped CTR build a following from the ground up through creative social media strategies and an eye for a great story. Much of her reporting focused on gender politics and reproductive rights, and her expertise in field earned her bylines in Rewire News and Jezebel. Madeleine prides herself on making complex policy issues accessible for general audiences.

Madeleine is a graduate of Colorado College, where she earned her BA in comparative literature and journalism. Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Madeleine moved west after falling in love with the Rocky Mountains. When she’s not writing, she enjoys gardening, seeing live music, and hiking with her dog Zuko.

Madeleine Schmidt
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