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Introducing S360 Cultura

Culture and context matter in every facet of our society and in every corner of our business. And today’s shifting demographics create unique opportunities for change. I’m thrilled to be part of a dynamic team that values the needs of our diverse communities and embraces and celebrates our cultural differences.

At S360 Cultura, I look forward to designing services that meet the distinctive needs of our diverse clients. Throughout my career, I’ve been committed to reducing cultural barriers and ensuring equitable access in education, healthcare, and public services through translation and engagement. As a native Spanish speaker, I know the importance of reducing linguistic barriers and what a difference it can make. In everything we do, it’s important to understand the different and unique perspectives of the communities our clients serve. Because coming up with innovative strategies requires aligning perspectives among diverse groups.

I look forward to developing strong relationships within and outside of S360 in order to meet our communities where they are. Being responsive to the very real and unique needs of our communities is essential for the success of our future. Being culturally sensitive and aware of cultural factors is important for our clients. It requires having marketing teams who are tuned in to local cultural nuances so they can develop authentic messaging that engages their target audiences.

Ylenia Aguilar, Vice President of S360 Cultura

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