Change, progress, and a brighter future for communities of color.

At S360, we’ve built our practice and approach around understanding the nuance of regional and cultural differences in communities all across the West. From the start, we’ve been committed to deep, strategic cultural engagement—never a one-size-fits-all approach that assumes what works in one community will be the solution for another. And as the face of the West continues to change—through demographic and population shifts and the influence of Latino/a, Native, and immigrant communities—we know how important it is for us to be on the ground, always listening and learning, our eyes, ears, and minds open, so we can engage communities of color in ways that are meaningful, lasting, and ensure all communities thrive.


Cultura Services

Campaign Consulting: 

  • Voter Targeting 
  • Candidate Recruitment  
  • Candidate Training  
  • Bilingual Communication and Mailers 
  • Cross-Cultural Voter Mobilization 

Community & Government Relations Outreach: 

  • Coalition Building 
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders  
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Targeted Community Development
  • Issue Development  
  • Issue Education Among Impacted Communities  

 Public Relations: 

  • Support Culturally Competent PR and Outreach 
  • Analytics and Research 
  • Bilingual Bicultural Media Content Development 



S360 Cultura brings a new and different focus to our long-held commitment to cultural understanding and engagement—one that allows us to serve our clients and communities in ways that catalyze lasting, positive change. Because our calling is to make it possible for people living throughout the West to build stronger, better futures for themselves and their communities. And we know that the surest way to get there is strategic cultural engagement that leads to solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual community.




S360 is known for offering more services under one roof—giving every client a seamless, tailored approach and allowing them to resolve the unique challenges they face and to attain new opportunities. The introduction of S360 Cultura means we can now bring strategic cultural engagement as a best practice to any project or client we partner with.

Whether in communications, government relations, public affairs, or brand, marketing, and advertising, S360 Cultura gives us a lens through which we can better understand the people and communities you serve and ensure that we can engage with them in ways that are relevant, authentic, and lasting. We’ll meet them where they are, speak their language, and bring a deep understanding of the cultural and regional differences that define them.


Meet Edith Gonzalez Duarte 

Edith brings over 10 years of research and legislative experience to Strategies 360. As the leader of Cultura, her deep knowledge of policy and research, is paired with her understanding of the unique makeup of Hispanic communities in the Southwest. Edith guides S360 teams to engage in culturally competent practices across service areas, including contextualized research, public outreach and engagement, policy development, and communications.

In her position as Nevada Director for the last three years, she has applied research, data, and evaluation tools to analyze policy and help her clients navigate complex political and policy issues. In her government affairs role, she has advocated for multinational business clients, trade associations, and regional nonprofits.

Before joining Strategies 360, Edith founded Horne-Duarte Government and Public Affairs with William Horne in 2015. A graduate from the University Nevada, Reno with a degree in International Affairs specializing in Latin American Studies and Spanish. She also earned her Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. On her free time, Edith enjoys practicing yoga, swimming, and cooking.



Carson City, NV, 89701