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Rob Mestas

Digital Analyst

As a Digital Analyst working remotely from the Strategies 360 Denver office, Rob is responsible for analyzing and interpreting data through various tracking tools. His primary focus is to track traffic, leads, conversations from online advertising, social media, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, and display campaigns. Rob’s expertise includes campaign analysis, brand engagement, and data reporting for staff, clients, and key stakeholders.

Prior to S360, Rob has worked with a variety of brands in tourism, customer packaged goods (CPG), and political and outreach campaigns. He has worked with brands such as Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Jell-O, Triscuit, The Denver Post, and VISIT DENVER. Through his widespread experience with brands and creative teams, he has developed deep knowledge of strategic planning, managing promotion product workflow, metric reporting on ROI, running tests for ad optimization, and identifying patterns and trends.

Rob is a graduate of Metropolitan State University in Denver with a BA in Psychology. He is also Google Ads and Analytics certified.

In his free time, Rob enjoys taking on the challenge of massive home renovation and repair projects. And, as a Denver native, Rob describes himself as a “diehard Denver Broncos fan”.

Rob Mestas
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