Our Team

Matt Davidson

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing Group

Matt runs our Digital Marketing Group, increasing visibility and results for clients across a broad range of online marketing channels, including display advertising, email marketing and mobile ads. With spending on digital advertising rapidly growing, Matt develops effective digital marketing for a wide variety of clients and projects.

Prior to joining S360, Matt owned the online advertising agency, Sovo Media, where he managed digital advertising campaigns across dozens of industries. Matt has worked with hundreds of business owners to find ways to build awareness with potential customers. Matt also worked at Microsoft where he was part of the launch of the company’s search engine, Bing.com, and experienced a major evolution in search engine marketing. Matt eventually expanded his role at Microsoft to work with advertisers interested in building exposure across all of Microsoft’s online properties, including Hotmail, MSN, and Xbox.

Matt is also an author who recently wrote a best-selling book on search engine marketing, “Step-By-Step SEO: The Complete Guide To Search Engine Success,” and is a frequent contributor to publications focused on digital advertising.

A native of Los Angeles, Matt happily traded the concrete jungle for the verdant northwest, where he enjoys spending time outdoors as much as possible. Matt, a newlywed who lives in Seattle, is also the only staff member with his own mini-putting green in the office.

Matt is a graduate of Woodbury University in California.

Matt Davidson
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