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Karen Dang

As Strategies 360 Hawaiʻi’s Office Manager, Karen brings decades of experience in providing administrative support across a spectrum of areas, and ensuring project outcomes and key deadlines are met. With over 20 years in government service, Karen brings a unique set of skills beyond office management. She spent years working in both the Hawaiʻi State … Continued

Allicia Thompson

As Strategies 360 Hawaiʻi’s Public Affairs Manager, Allicia is strongly dedicated to helping advance client interests by building strong relationships with key stakeholders. She excels at executing effective government relations strategies, crafting compelling messaging, and managing complex issues with diplomacy. Allicia’s versatility and adaptability has allowed her to do meaningful work in various areas of … Continued

Jennifer Wong

Jennifer is Strategies 360 Hawaiʻi’s Senior Communications Manager. A three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, she excels at crafting narratives that captivate, inform, and inspire. She manages and executes communications and marketing strategies through brand development, media support and management, and messaging for a diverse client base. From elections and public health marketing campaigns to community outreach … Continued

Honey Maltin-Wisot

As Director of Communications in the Hawaiʻi office, Honey is a treasure hunter who seeks out priceless gems and nuggets of information to weave the stories that capture the true essence of each client. As CBS reporter Steve Hartman has shown us for years, everyone has a story. Honey provides incisive and insightful strategies and … Continued

Will Kane

As Senior Vice President in Strategies 360’s Hawaiʻi office, Will brings extensive legislative experience, as well as a thorough understanding of regulatory, educational and sustainability issues throughout the islands. This broad exposure has allowed him to create positive relationships with individuals, organizations, and stakeholders statewide. Prior to joining S360, Will was Special Advisor to the … Continued

John White

John is a seasoned public affairs and campaign strategist and co-manager of Strategies 360’s Hawaiʻi office.  His expertise lies not just in strategy development but also in tangible achievements for clients, ranging from crafting regulatory frameworks that enable new businesses to operate successfully in Hawaiʻi, to orchestrating impactful public relations campaigns for passing key state … Continued