Connect with the Research team.

At S360, our unique strength is our ability to tell a story about our findings, by analyzing and distilling hundreds of pages of survey data, focus group transcripts, and interview notes. This provides what organizations, campaigns, and businesses need most: complete clarity on how to most effectively communicate with their audience.

You can count on us for research that is accurate and actionable. With years of experience, we’ve built our practice on methodological rigor and an outcome-oriented approach, helping our clients take on—and win—the toughest fights. On a broad range of issues, we have a record of providing our clients with data-driven strategies for framing the issue and winning the debate.

We bring this winning-first mentality to everything we do. We’re not simply data vendors; we’re former campaign managers who become your strategic partner, ensuring the research is fully integrated into your planning every step of the way. We’re engaged long term, in all aspects of implementation, whether that means reviewing materials for alignment with the research such as advertising, participating in strategic discussions and decisions, or briefing allies, donors, or the press.

We provide research services for a broad range of clients and applications, including:

  • Issue advocacy
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Ballot initiatives and referenda
  • Corporate reputation and branding
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • The media
  • Colleges and universities

Our research services include:

  • Telephone polling
  • Online polling
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Executive and opinion leader interviews
  • Online qualitative research
  • Ad and creative testing