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As the Director of Digital Media at S360, Will strategizes, optimizes, and reports on all digital campaigns. Before joining S360, Will was an Account Coordinator at a Digital Marketing Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah where he set-up, managed, and optimized pay-per-click, social and programmatic campaigns for a number of clients including The Girl Scouts … Continued

Keisha Phillips

Keisha works with the S360 digital team to execute campaigns conveying client messages to target audiences across various online channels. Before joining S360 in 2016, Keisha interned for a global social network working on digital outreach and social media management. In her spare time, Keisha enjoys reading, playing with her dog, and cooking. Over the … Continued

Matt Davidson

Matt runs our Digital Marketing Group, increasing visibility and results for clients across a broad range of online marketing channels, including display advertising, email marketing and mobile ads. With spending on digital advertising rapidly growing, Matt develops effective digital marketing for a wide variety of clients and projects. Prior to joining S360, Matt owned the … Continued