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Strategies 360 Delivers Big Wins in 2020 Election

S360’s winning campaigns raised nearly $19 Billion dollars for local communities over the next decade.

Seattle, WA – Strategies 360 delivered major election wins across the firm footprint in 2020, resulting in nearly $19 billion in revenues for local communities over the next decade. These funds support schools and education, fire districts, mental health, parks, green energy and community services.

“With COVID-19’s effect on the economy, voters across the western US continue to choose to invest in the health, wellbeing, and livability of their communities,” said Ron Dotzauer, Founder and CEO of Strategies 360. “I am proud of the skill and dedication the S360 team applied across our footprint, leveraging our full suite of services, to support these worthy community endeavors.”   

With an integrated service model, S360 effectively supported our clients’ efforts across 110 campaigns with strategy and planning, polling and research, campaign design and collateral, digital marketing, and local guidance from our state-based experts.


  • Across the firm footprint, our winning campaigns renewed or increased public investments by nearly $19 billion over ten years. Some of those campaigns were for single-year investments, others apply towards multiple years, some in perpetuity. Our calculations reflect the total dollar amount of all winning campaigns based on each revenue raising mechanism’s specific timelines, up to ten years.
  • 360’s award-winning education team saw a 100% success rate on their school levy campaigns. For one district, the S360 team had to make a crucial pivot after COVID-19 closed in-person school. Instead of the planned bond measure for building upgrades, our team redirected the campaign to advance digital equity for students with a technology levy. This levy will fund individual devices, internet connections and digital support systems for both teachers and students – preparing students for a fully accessible 21st century education whether learning at home or at school.
  • The Arizona team worked on 13 candidate, initiative and bond campaigns, and delivered a 100% win rate. After two years of groundwork, Arizona legalized recreational cannabis with an overwhelming majority — 60-40. The new law also expunges low-level marijuana arrests and conviction records for at least 200,000 eligible Arizona residents. The team also won a statewide education funding package that will raise up to $950 million annually, in perpetuity, for Arizona schools.
  • S360’ Colorado team led the successful statewide campaign to adopt paid family and medical leave – the first state in the nation to do so via the ballot box. The new program will provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for 2.6 million Colorado workers. But, if you ask the Colorado team what campaign they had the most fun on, it would be ending the pit bull ban in Denver. The team took on 25 total campaigns this year raising more than $170 million a year into perpetuity for many of Colorado’s highest need areas like homelessness, roads, water, open space and climate change!
  • Our Oregon team helped the state make national headlines with the adoption of Preschool for All – the most comprehensive universal preschool program in the country. Within ten years, all 3 and 4-year-olds in Oregon’s largest county – Multnomah – will be able to access tuition-free preschool. Within six years, all priority populations of systemically underserved children will have access. The new funding stream for this program is permanent. The Oregon team also delivered wins for Portland Parks and Portland Public Schools.

We at Strategies 360 are honored to work with clients advancing important policy in their communities. Congratulations to the many tireless advocates, and all the amazing S360 team members who are making a difference every day.