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Nico Delgado

As the Communications Director for S360’s Colorado team, Nico helps clients craft and execute strategic communications plans. This includes collaborating to fine tune effective messages, offering media training, and helping clients navigate and adapt to Colorado’s political landscape. Clients can lean on Nico for his significant expertise in political and strategic communications, press relations, campaigns, … Continued

CJ Keshap

CJ brings a passion for policy into every communications project she takes on as the Senior Associate of Communications for S360’s Colorado practice. She provides clients with an array of communications services including developing messaging and talking points materials, drafting high-quality opinion editorials, letters to the editor and press outreach, and creating owned media content … Continued

Rob Mestas

As a Digital Analyst working remotely from the Strategies 360 Denver office, Rob is responsible for analyzing and interpreting data through various tracking tools. His primary focus is to track traffic, leads, conversations from online advertising, social media, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, and display campaigns. Rob’s expertise includes campaign analysis, brand engagement, and data reporting for … Continued

Madeleine Schmidt

Madeleine serves as the Communications Manager for Strategies 360 in the Denver office. With lifelong passions for writing and political advocacy and a five year stint as a journalist, Madeleine guides clients through a challenging media landscape and helps them craft their message to achieve their goals. Before joining S360, Madeleine was a Colorado political … Continued

Julia Bustamante

As a Digital Account Manager at S360, Julia develops digital advertising strategies and communications for non-profit, political, government, and commercial clients. Julia works within two of S360’s core practice areas – Digital Marketing and Cultura, where she supports Hispanic clients, and those who are working within Hispanic communities, through culturally relevant digital advertising. Prior to … Continued

M.E. Smith

M.E. Smith leads Strategies 360’s Colorado practice as the Senior Vice President. With deep expertise in campaign management, M.E. is known for her ability to build and lead successful teams that deliver election wins, including three sitting senators and a former governor. She also provides deep policy analysis, strategic guidance and relationship management that moves … Continued


Erin serves as the Vice President of Communications for Strategies 360 in the Denver Office. She draws from a broad background in political and strategic communications, having worked for both the state and federal government. She is a natural relationship and coalition builder and has formed solid foundations in the state’s press, political, and business … Continued