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Missi Currier

Missi brings an array of experiences and passions to her role as the Director for Government Relations for S360 New Mexico. She has over a decade of experience and success in community development, governmental affairs, and strategic communications. Prior to joining S360, Missi served as the president and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of … Continued

Anthony (T.J.) Trujillo

With over 20 years’ experience practicing law, T.J. brings a unique twist to government affairs as the Senior Vice President of Government Relations for S360 New Mexico. His expertise in environmental and administrative law has been the driving force behind his nearly two-decade lobbying practice. Prior to joining S360, T.J. founded his own practice with … Continued

Jennifer Trujillo

As Vice President of S360’s New Mexico office, Jennifer wields her extensive background in communications and business operations to provide each client with thoughtful wrap-around supports to meet their needs. With a background in public relations, Jennifer went from a corporate culture to freelance writing while raising her family. After earning her Master of Business Administration, she ran … Continued

Joshua Rosen

As the Senior Vice President for Strategies 360 – New Mexico, Joshua Rosen drives client projects that require skilled negotiations, thoughtful policy, and creative solutions. Josh brings a wide range of state government and global technology business development expertise to his political, government relations and communications strategy work for a variety of entertainment, venture capital, … Continued