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Theo Ellington

Theo is a third generation San Franciscan, with over a decade of experience using community engagement to drive public policy and address complex issues in urban spaces. In his role as the Vice President of Public Affairs and Community Relations, Theo combines his passion for organizing with experience in public, private, and non-profit organizations to work on … Continued

Bryan Sapp

As Senior Director for Sacramento, Bryan utilizes his diverse background to help guide government and politics in the California Statehouse and surrounding state agencies and departments. Bryan brings nearly a decade of government experience to Strategies 360 to guide clients with effective strategies for engaging the California government. Prior to S360, Bryan spent four years … Continued

Tim Harter

Tim Harter is Vice President, Southern California, where he manages the city relationships in the region, primarily focused on the day-to-day management of Santa Monica and Culver City. Tim worked for Assemblymember Richard Bloom in the 50th Assembly District handling mobility in the Greater Los Angeles area. During his time in the assembly office, Tim … Continued

Raegan Gall

As Senior Vice President of Communications for California, Raegan utilizes her diverse and extensive background to drive communications strategies and grow the impact and outreach for S360 clients in California and across the firm. Raegan brings more than two decades of corporate communications, public relations, journalism, crisis management, non-profit and startup experience to support her … Continued

Maria Bojórquez-Gómez

As Account Manager in the Strategies 360 San Diego office, Maria is responsible for working with the San Diego team to develop and implement communications and public affairs strategies on behalf of clients. She specializes in community engagement, government affairs, and international relations, and can offer clients impactful insights to support their outreach needs. Maria … Continued

Jeremy Oberstein

Jeremy Oberstein leads S360’s Los Angeles office. He is responsible for ensuring the success of client’s in the LA region by guiding a smart, dedicated team of government affairs, communications, policy and political specialists. With expertise in strategic communications, team building, management and leadership, Jeremy blends his skills to provide solutions-oriented problem solving for client’s … Continued

Drexel Heard II

A personality, a creative director, a political commentator and avid consumer of political news, Drexel brings a deep knowledge and passion for politics to the S360 California team. Based in Los Angeles, Drexel guides clients through political and communications strategies for campaigns and advocacy that advance their priority policies. He is well-versed in policy that … Continued

Tish Rylander

Leticia “Tish” Rylander brings over 20 years of experience in California state politics as Vice President in S360’s Sacramento practice. An accomplished legislative and political strategist, Tish has worked on major landmark legislation including helping to pass policies that address a range of issues from international war crimes to wildfire prevention and mitigation, small business … Continued

Samantha Marquez

Samantha is a community relations specialist with nearly a decade of experience in legislative affairs, targeted policy messaging, and public agency communications. As Senior Vice President of the Orange County office for S360, she oversees the team’s public agency portfolio and spearheads business development.   Prior to S360, Samantha served as Vice President of Presidio Strategic Communications, where she managed … Continued

Katherine Field

Katherine Field brings over 15 years’ worth of public policy, government relations, communications, and nonprofit experience to Strategies 360. As Vice President in the San Diego office, Katherine works with public and private sector clients to advance their strategic goals and drive impactful change. Before working with Strategies 360, Katherine served as Senior Director of … Continued