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Tamara Jamison

As a Director who manages partnerships, campaigns and clients with Strategies 360 Arizona, Tamara is a creative, well-rounded professional who has a unique ability to solve problems, build bridges and create consensus. Tamara spent her early career as an entrepreneur and small-business owner and parlayed that success into a thriving consulting career that specialized in … Continued

Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell’s lifelong Arizona roots, storied public service background and status as highly sought after political pundit are among the many reasons he’s such a strong asset to the Arizona S360 team. With an eight-year history in the Arizona State Legislature and a lengthy list of civic and economic accomplishments to match, Chad’s proved himself … Continued

Stacy Pearson

Stacy’s 20-plus year career in Arizona journalism, public relations, public affairs and campaign consulting has racked up countless victories — but there’s one particular win that reverberated globally. Stacy ran the campaign of the underdog who defeated the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio after 24 years in Maricopa County – a victory called “one of the … Continued