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Eric Chalmers

As Director of Campaigns and Outreach, Eric brings a wealth of political experience to the S360 team. He is responsible for managing all aspects of campaigns and outreach for the Arizona office, with significant expertise in field organization, social media, communications, political management, fundraising, and events planning. Eric’s work is driven by his passion to … Continued

Alejandro Chavez

Alejandro joined Strategies 360 to help win the Smart and Safe campaign to legalize adult-use cannabis in Arizona in November 2020. He brings expertise in field and grassroots organizing, Latinx outreach, direct action and scalable movement-building to activate positive change in communities. With over a decade in political advocacy and organizing, Alejandro knows how to … Continued

Tamara Jamison

As a Director who manages partnerships, campaigns and clients with Strategies 360 Arizona, Tamara is a creative, well-rounded professional who has a unique ability to solve problems, build bridges and create consensus. Tamara spent her early career as an entrepreneur and small-business owner and parlayed that success into a thriving consulting career that specialized in … Continued

Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell’s lifelong Arizona roots, storied public service background and status as highly sought after political pundit are among the many reasons he’s such a strong asset to the Arizona S360 team. With an eight-year history in the Arizona State Legislature and a lengthy list of civic and economic accomplishments to match, Chad’s proved himself … Continued

Stacy Pearson

Stacy’s 20-plus year career in Arizona journalism, public relations, public affairs and campaign consulting has racked up countless victories — but there’s one particular win that reverberated globally. Stacy ran the campaign of the underdog who defeated the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio after 24 years in Maricopa County – a victory called “one of the … Continued