Idaho Forest Products Commission

IFPC was approached by one of its member organizations, who was hoping to find a way to publicly recognize and thank forest products workers. These essential workers,  who remain on the job during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, quickly became our subject and our heroes.

Understanding the Landscape The COVID-19 crisis has created  a precarious advertising environment where brands risk appearing opportunistic at a time when people are suffering. Are this campaign, we had to come up with a concept that would evoke a deep sense of pride and a feeling of recognition for those working in the industry while speaking to Idahoans in a way that made them feel unified and supportive of one another.

Our Approach. The client’s goal was to develop a thank-you ad that could be worked into the rotation of a branding campaign already airing statewide on broadcast television. Because we were unable to get into the field to capture footage that could be used for the ad, we had to find a concept that could be executed with still photography only. We developed a concept that relied on beautiful image of Idaho forest and people working in them, a poetic script, and a voice that could wrap the content into a poignant story.

The Brand and Campaign. While the campaign started with one TV ad, the client and member organizations (forest products producers) are planning to extend the reach with additional digital, connected TV (OTT) ads, and print placements across North Idaho and Montana.

Re-Evaluation  We realized there was an immense opportunity to build affinity for the industry, it’s workers, and the role in Idaho’s economy through this heart-felt spot. IFPC initially planned to work the “Hearth of Idaho” ad into its rotation with two other ads airing through June. But due to the response they are receiving, they have now elected to air the new ad in place of the branding spots for the next two weeks before returning to a balanced rotation.

Through a highly-collaborative we were able concept, produce, and deliver the commercial TV stations within seven days.