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Federal Relations and Advocacy

Utilizing Strategies 360’s 12-state footprint and team of experienced, bipartisan lobbyists, we deliver results for our clients with advocacy needs. Whether pushing a bill on Capitol Hill or shaping policy in the White House or federal agencies, we know how to leverage our firm’s assets to best frame an issue and give clients the best opportunity to achieve desired results.

Municipal and County Representation

Our 12-state footprint has proven to be an advantage in our work with cities and counties, particularly those across the West. The federal expertise of our DC team is supplemented by the local knowledge and boots-on-the-ground perspective of our teams in state capitals. This ensures that our public-entity clients get a seat at the appropriate tables every year.


The nature of federal advocacy has changed dramatically within the last decade. In order to truly affect change, a comprehensive – 360-degree – approach must be implemented from the start. With complex issues, it pays to spend extra time developing a more robust and comprehensive plan for achieving your goals. Advocacy now entails much more than direct lobbying. Do you need communications? Digital marketing? Grassroots support? Grass-tops influences? Let us work with you to find the right mix to achieve your goals.

Communications/Public Relations/Digital Media

More than ever, Sun Tzu’s fifth principle of The Art of War applies: in order to succeed one must prepare the battlefield. To refine and target messaging, S360 boasts three former AP bureau chiefs, a team of digital media experts, plus a full-time communications director in Washington, DC. Shaping, developing, and telling your story accurately and at the right moments can be essential for federal advocacy. Stories and op-eds can be placed in inside the beltway ahead of hearings, or even in the Member’s local newspaper back home during a constituent work week or recess. Our digital media team can target messages at very specific audiences. The battle of ideas is often won by those who control the narrative.

Coalition Building and Management

Why fight alone? Identifying natural allies that share common causes and goals can be force multipliers in advancing your issue. S360 has created, from the ground up, fully functional national associations and nurtured diverse coalitions to coalesce around key issues and speak with a unified voice and shared resources.

Grant Tracking and Writing

In a world without earmarks, federal grants represent the best opportunity to secure funding for key projects. Identifying grants is a time-consuming process and writing them successfully remains a science unto itself. S360 retains an expert grant tracker and writer to navigate, identify, and ultimately craft grant applications across a wide variety of issue areas. Successfully winning grants is often a product of knowing where to look for them. We can be your eyes and ears in Washington.