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Joy Okot-Okidi

Joy is a Technical Project Manager with Strategies 360’s Web Engineering Group (WEG), based in the firm’s Seattle Headquarters. Joy manages web projects and acts as the liaison between the web development team and clients.  Prior to S360, Joy worked as a Development Engineer at Tyler Technologies. There she performed software installation, configured applications, and … Continued

Hafizh Ramadhan Balgi

Hafis joined S360 after graduating with associate’s degree in Information Systems from Bina Sarana Informatika University. As a WordPress developer, he constantly adapts with the newest technology and educate himself on coding & website development. In his spare time, Hafis enjoys hanging out with friends and loves to play futsal.

Risky Frasetio Wahyu

A data enthusiast who holds a master’s degree in Statistics, Risky delivers insights for Strategies 360 as a Data Analyst. His expertise includes database, data discovery, website & data analytics. Risky also works closely on website projects by setting up website analytics and tracking services. Prior to joining S360, he worked as a Data Scientist … Continued

Aulia Pratama Riwayanto

As a Mobile App Developer, Aulia is responsible to develop mobile applications within the Web Engineering Group. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Network Telecommunication Engineering from State Polytechnic Malang. Before joining S360, Aulia worked as a mobile developer in Indivara Group, where he worked on the Payment Apps in particularly AstraPay. In his … Continued

Rismunandar Winata

‘Aris’ develops web design templates and fixes bugs on WordPress-based web projects. He graduated with bachelors degree in Information Technology from Bakrie University.  Before joining S360, Aris worked as a web developer at Garena, a game publisher in Indonesia. He was responsible for creating landing pages and developing website events to redeem gamer’s gifts.  In his … Continued

Mahendra Santoso Putra

As a UI / UX Designer, Mahendra is responsible for designing websites that work easily on any application, from your laptop to your smart phone.   He creates designs that exceed client expectations. He ensures that users can easily navigate the website, while keeping the design aesthetics for the brand and project. Previously he worked in … Continued

Cut Fauziah Nur

As a web application developer, Cut Fauziah, known as ‘Ifa’ by her peers, is responsible for developing API and database management systems.  She is a PHP developer specializing in web application development and has expertise in programs such as Laravel and Code Igniter. Prior to joining S360, she worked as a web developer, and responsible … Continued

Ali Zainal Abidin

As a web UI/UX and Design QA Specialist, Ali designs web applications and conducts design and visual quality assurance for S360 clients.   Prior to joining S360, he worked at Travorama as a mobile apps developer, and had substantial experience as a web designer with MarkPlus, Inc. and Kompas Gramedia group.  His favorite quote is “someday … Continued

Levana Tirtaguna

Levana manages web projects, interfaces with clients, and communicates with development team to ensure the quality of products and services provided. Previously working as a Catalog Specialist in Amazon Go, she was part of the technology-operations team and helped to perfect the ticketing system of the cashier-less grocery store. Levana enjoys strolling at the park with … Continued

Sabda Patriot Bijaksana

Sabda is a junior WordPress developer who has been working at S360 since he graduated from Perbanas Institute. Working as a developer challenges him to adapt to new technologies, and learn more about coding as well as WordPress website development. In his free time, Sabda loves to travel and hang out with his friends. He holds … Continued