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Helen Rosinsky

Helen is a Research Analyst in the Strategies 360 headquarters office. With an understanding of how data influences and impacts community engagement, Helen applies her practical knowledge to help analyze the information derived from S360’s polling. She is responsible for analyzing numbers and compiling data from polls and studies to present to clients in a … Continued

Hannah Waterman

Hannah is Research Analyst in the Strategies 360 Seattle headquarter office. As a member of the Research Team, Hannah facilitates and interprets data for clients to easily understand. Prior to S360, Hannah interned on a State House race in 2020 and in Sen. Maria Cantwell’s D.C office in 2021. Hannah is passionate for labor movements, … Continued

Spencer Thulin

Spencer is a Research Analyst at the Strategies 360 headquarters in Seattle. As a member of the Research Team, Spencer is responsible for helping facilitate studies commissioned by clients. He also offers clients recommendations based off of the gathered research information.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Whitman College, Spencer’s scientific background gives … Continued

Paulina Knoblock

As a Research Analyst for Strategies 360, Paulina provides data-driven solutions and strategy to address client needs. She supports the Research Team in ensuring public opinion polling is accurate with comprehensive analysis of data and text. Paulina also works on programming of polling responses to gain deeper insights.    Prior to S360, Paulina worked on the fundraising team of a campaign in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. During her time there, the team raised more money in … Continued

Lindsey Mears

Lindsey Mears is a research-driven strategist for public affairs and corporate clients, with a focus on message development, audience identification and segmentation, and reputation management. As a Vice President of Research, she brings a data-driven, audience-centric approach to clients across the firm footprint. Lindsey started her career in political campaign polling and has since worked … Continued

Nicole Kozlowski

Nicole serves on Strategies 360’s research team as a Senior Research Manager. In this role, she works with the team to provide data-driven solutions to address clients’ issues and strategic needs. Before joining S360, Nicole was active with organizations focused on education and women’s rights. Additionally, she worked as a legislative intern for Senator Gary … Continued

Ben Winston

As Vice President of Research, Ben Winston helps clients across the west and in Washington D.C. address pressing questions and advance progressive change through public opinion research and strategic advice. His clients have included Congressional races from Nebraska to California, Proposition 207 to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona, school districts across Washington, and a range … Continued

Drew Lieberman

Drew directs Strategies 360′s national research practice, providing data-based strategic advice to clients that include political campaigns, corporations, issue advocacy organizations, foundations, and the media. Drew has appeared on NPR, authored opinion pieces for Politico, and his research and commentary have been featured in news outlets that include the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, … Continued

Alex Dunn

Based in Denver, Alex leads research programs on behalf of clients in the public and private sectors. With a focus on the western states, Alex’s background includes everything from energy and conservation to education and gun safety, all with a focus on voter / constituent / customer engagement. His work combines innovative research methods with … Continued