Campaign Development Process

S360 integrates research scientists, communication experts, brand guardians, advertising professionals, regional teams, web engineers, videographers, multicultural strategists and digital marketing experts in a collaborative effort to build the smartest, strategic, and effective creative solution for TTD 

We approach every program with an initial, collaborative, DISCOVER phase that clearly gathers data and information to outline the work to be created and agreed expectations. This phase could be called the “audit” phase, where we can get a good look at the challenge and opportunities in developing a solution. Research can play a big role here, as well as workshops and interviews.   

The DISCOVER phase  is quickly followed with a DEFINE phase where the foundational strategy is developed in strategic briefs that clearly identify the challenges and solutions to be developed — these briefs outline the creative considerations, demographics and psychographics of the key target audiences (such as local community members, stakeholders, and influencers)campaign objectives, technical and channel considerations, and any known obstacles to overcome.  Before proceeding, all parties will review and approve the strategic briefs.   

Then, we move into the DEVELOP phase where message & brand foundations are developed, and media plans are fleshed out. While the DEFINE phase is the most strategic, this is where all the details are worked out and collaboration is key. Before moving forward, we ensure all the foundational pieces are in place, and approved, to make sure delivery is smooth.  

And then the work comes together: advertising concepts are designed into highly targeted campaign assets and trafficked in the DELIVER phase where reporting, and optimization, begins. 

This staged approach applies across all aspects of the project and enables and encourages collaboration across teams. 

A complete process for TTD will be determined collaboratively, and driven by timing, budget and objectives.