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A series of spots reinforcing Black Butte mine as locally run, environmentally responsible and an economic driver for the community, and all Montana.

Brand Film

The Challenge

Sandfire, an Australian based company, is building a copper mine in the middle of Montana. Locally, there is a good amount of community support near the mine. But, there’s a challenge in hiring considering the substantial number of new hires needed to get the mine rolling. Sandfire needed to position the mine as locally supported and run, reiterate the potential for the community and remind locals of  Sandfire’s commitment to the environment.

“Hearbeat” TV

Why S360

S360 is a full-service agency with comprehensive in-house communications services not traditionally found in one group. Our web and app development, market research, advertising, media strategy, and digital marketing teams all collaborate seamlessly. With a team in Helena who is extraordinarily well versed in Montana politics, production and sentiment we were able to execute a campaign effectively and efficiently. 

“Watch” TV

The Approach 

We developed a sharp strategy that addressed where Sandfire’s and Montana’s values aligned. Then, we presented multiple concepts – the client liked two concepts so well we decided to combine them into a larger campaign and figure out a way to produce both at the same time, as well as create an “anthem” video for an international conference – making our production deliver three more pieces than originally intended.  The statewide campaign included tv, digital, out of home, print and earned media support. Because this strategy included internal alignment a video was created for internal gatherings, and onboarding as well.

We shot and edited both, created supporting materials (banners, search, radio and social) and was able to launch a campaign with enough content to keep Sandfire top of mind for twice as long as originally anticipated.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising Concept to Completion
  • Video Production & Finishing
  • Media Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Management