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PRISM Worldwide

PRISM needed to gather investors; define, design and build a brand; and then market their new brand to governments and environmentalists. And, they needed it all done yesterday.​

The Challenge

PRISM Worldwide, a rubber recycling innovator, needed to launch their business with a brand identity and supportive marketing and communications to connect with businesses, investors, government agencies, conservationists, and those in the science innovation community.

Why S360

S360 was a perfect partner for PRISM. The combination of our world-class creative services, insightful public policy teams across multiple states, and a dedicated communications expert meant that PRISM received a comprehensive brand launch that tied seamlessly with their business and public engagement activities. PRISM often remarked that S360’s one-stop shop made their work much easier.

Our Approach

We developed the PRISM brand from scratch, creating an inventive, industrial, and sustainable story that was then tailored for the range of audiences PRISM wanted to reach.

With intensive collaboration through workshops, weekly reviews, and an all-hands-on-deck approach, we were able to establish an initial site, a fully designed business plan and investment pitch deck, and brand materials in the first quarter of engagement.

We then launched a campaign to promote the new business. The “End of the End-of-Life Tires” campaign launched, with print, animation, a robust site, display, social, PR, sales, and exhibit materials.

What We Did

Following the establishment of the brand and immediate assets, our team pulled together a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy. We developed audience profiles and top messages, identified media and event opportunities, and continued to build out creative assets to support all of it.

After promoting their sustainability message across all major digital channels, the client hit the road to begin one-on-one conversations with the target industries we identified in the discovery phase.

PRISM now has an established brand and the tools to move their business forward. Though they are still in the research phase of their work, PRISM has solid investments behind it as the team begins the process of building sites to expand their operations.