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Montana’s Promise

The Challenge:

Helped by out-of-state entities, some Montana state lawmakers introduced legislation threatening Montana’s defined benefit pension programs, threatening the livelihoods of teachers and state employees who paid into the pension system with the expectation of a financially secure retirement.

The Strategy:

Strategies 360 created the Montana’s Promise integrated mass-media initiative,, leveraging social media, opinion editorials and grassroots efforts encouraging lawmakers to keep “Montana’s Promise” by strengthening the state’s existing defined benefit pension programs. Targeted social media advertising helped educate voters regarding the position of their respective legislators regarding the “Montana’s Promise” legislation.  Supporters of Montana’s promise were praised on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for their integrity and support of Montana’s Promise.  Legislators willing to break “Montana’s Promise” were held accountable directly with voters in their districts, using targeted advertising on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Video “ads” of retirees and supporters of “Montana’s Promise” on YouTube were taped and produced by Strategies 360, then posted and promoted in a targeted manner via the Montana’s Promise mass-media initiative.

The Success:

The legislation was defeated, and improvements were made to the Montana Public Employees Retirement System and the Montana Teachers Retirement System.