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The Challenge:

The Montana University System (MUS) is committed to expanding the mission and services of its two-year and community colleges in an effort to better serve workforce development and higher education needs across the state. Strategies 360 was engaged to develop key elements of the overall College!NOW campaign, including the creation and promotion of a statewide brand that recognizes the benefits of Montana’s two-year colleges.

The Strategy:

In coordination with the MUS’ strategic planning and expanded mission, Strategies 360 deployed a renaming and rebranding strategy for the System’s five two-year colleges and two two-year programs. As MUS expanded and transformed into a modernized and upgraded higher education offering for Montanans, the College!NOW initiative hosted dozens of listening sessions, conducted market research (surveys, focus groups), hosted community outreach initiatives, generated social media buzz and engaged local and statewide media outlets across the state.

The Success:

In addition to the significant improvement and expansion of the two-year, certificate and dual credit higher education offerings of the Montana University System, there are now seven newly renamed two-year colleges in Montana that are deploying well-branded and coordinated outreach efforts to recruit Montanans who seek improved job qualifications through higher education. Marketing and community outreach efforts, including brand guidelines developed by Strategies 360, are raising awareness of MUS’ brand and its two-year higher educational opportunities.