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Ylenia Aguilar

Vice President of S360 Cultura

As Vice President for S360 Cultura, Ylenia Aguilar guides the S360 team in Latino/a engagement strategies including translation services, community outreach and organizing, and contextualized research.

With over 15 years as a professional translator/interpreter, Ylenia has dedicated herself to building connections on behalf of diverse communities. She has worked to ensure equitable access in education, healthcare, and public services through translation – acting as a medical and legal interpreter for multiple state and federal agencies, as well as private and non-profit groups.

Before joining S360, Ylenia was a consultant providing strategic planning services for non-profits, businesses, governments and educational institutions across Arizona. In this capacity, she wielded her expertise for state and national initiatives and campaigns in the US and Mexico. She raised awareness on priority issues through outreach and communication activities, including community development and organizing. Ylenia’s success comes from her ability to develop authentic relationships with traditional and non-traditional allies to drive thoughtful programs forward.

Ylenia’s work includes ongoing engagement with When We All Vote, a non-profit dedicated to achieving higher levels of public participation in elections. Her past work includes the build out of Helios Education Foundation’s Playbook for increasing FASFA Completion in Arizona and UnidosUS’s bill HCR2026, which would repeal Arizona’s English-only standards in schools.

Ylenia Aguilar
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