Our Team

Tyler Chafee

Senior Vice President, Colorado

Tyler Chafee runs Strategies 360 Colorado in Denver, providing clients with his extensive public policy experience and strategic expertise.

Formerly, Tyler worked on issue advocacy, campaign consulting, demographic targeting, and message development at RBI Strategies and Research in Denver. Tyler was the campaign manager for now-Governor John Hickenlooper’s successful effort to pass the “Better Denver” bond and mill levy campaign to improve infrastructure and transportation. He also ran several successful statewide candidate campaigns, 527’s and ballot initiatives.

Tyler began his career 15 years ago driving a Colorado congressional candidate around in his 1978 Jeep Cherokee Wagoneer. Tyler also worked on two campaign cycles in Colorado and then served as a political analyst for the Service Employees International Union in Washington, D.C., where he oversaw multi-million dollar independent expenditure campaigns. He oversaw lobbying and electoral strategy for the Colorado AFL-CIO, then worked with the western-based Bighorn Action on messaging and advocacy related to Colorado’s budget challenges.

Tyler lives with his wife and three children in Centennial. He spends his free time practicing yo-yo tricks and splitting apples in half with his bare hands.

Tyler has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Denver, where he competed in parliamentary debate at national and world competitions.

The Wagoneer has since been replaced by an imminently practical (and air conditioned) minivan.

Tyler Chafee
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