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Tom Daly

Senior Vice President, Orange County

Before joining the S360 team as Senior Vice President of the Orange County practice, Tom Daly served for ten years in the California Assembly, representing California’s 69th District, which included the cities of Santa Ana, Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Orange.

A graduate of Harvard University as a scholarship student, Daly was born and raised in Anaheim. He has served in elected leadership since 1985, starting as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Anaheim Union High School District. Subsequently, Daly won eight consecutive elections, including serving as Mayor of Anaheim from 1992-2002 and Orange County Clerk-Recorder from 2002-2012.

As Mayor of Anaheim, Daly oversaw major public and private investments in the city, including the expansion of the Resort Area around Disneyland, leading to the creation of thousands of jobs and higher than projected economic growth year over year. At the same time, Daly also served on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Transportation Authority, where he helped oversee a $3 billion dollar improvement program for road and transit projects in every community in Orange County. Later, as the elected countywide Clerk-Recorder, Daly opened two branch offices for the convenience of the public, saving the office’s customers over one million miles of driving every year.

Tom has always focused on ensuring government works well for the people. He is a champion of transparency, efficiency, and partnership to deliver large-scale projects that serve the community’s best interest. At Strategies 360, he aims to bring big picture thinkers together to move effective solutions forward to meet the needs of Orange County and all of California.

Tom has three children and resides in Anaheim with his wife, Debbie.

Tom Daly
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