Our Team

Tamara Jamison

Director, Arizona

As a Director who manages partnerships, campaigns and clients with Strategies 360 Arizona, Tamara is a creative, well-rounded professional who has a unique ability to solve problems, build bridges and create consensus.

Tamara spent her early career as an entrepreneur and small-business owner and parlayed that success into a thriving consulting career that specialized in financial services and public safety. Her ability to develop and maintain relationships has proven invaluable in the private and public sectors.

She consistently exceeds expectations as a fundraiser for political action committees, nonprofit organizations, as a coordinator of signature special events and as a manager of campaigns. She has successfully participated in bond elections, tax initiatives, and city council campaigns throughout Arizona.

Throughout her life, Tamara has been deeply connected to public safety and education, dating back to early childhood where her grandfather was a Captain with the El Paso Fire Department and continuing with her father’s life work as an educator and school superintendent. Tamara strives to create an environment that will inspire and connect people to unify the community.

Tamara Jamison
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