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Rebecca brings more than a decade of political copywriting experience to Strategies 360, having worked in and around campaigns at every level. As Political Copywriter she serves as the chief-author behind the wide array of direct mail, print collateral, digital, and web-based projects that S360 is leading for clients across the west.

Rebecca’s first campaign experience was serving as a volunteer coordinator in New Hampshire during the 2008 presidential primaries. When that ended she never thought she’d work on another campaign. But after successfully managing the competitive state legislative race in the district she grew up in, she never looked back. Since then Rebecca has helped candidates up and down the ballot secure victories by crafting inventive and engaging communication programs.

Rebecca holds a B.A. in Political Science from Indiana University and a Master of Public Policy from George Mason University. Proud to have grown up in the Seattle area, Rebecca loves a day full of gray skies with the threat of rain.

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