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Nik Griffith

Vice President of Communications, Montana

Growing up in Montana, Nik knows the importance of authenticity in all levels of communication and strives to help clients understand and share their story through a strong combination of strategy, direct connection, and public relations.

Nik has served as a graphic designer, web programmer, media buyer, public relations manager, and communications director in a host of fields that include engineering and film/television. Through this background, Nik honed his skills to assist clients in understanding and engaging with every level of advocacy planning and the tools utilized in the arena.

Nik started his political career in the office of Governor Brian Schweitzer as a receptionist and policy assistant. He served office during moments of large public outcry including changes to the medical marijuana program, Keystone XL pipeline, and the other sensitive issues. Following that, Nik became the Public Relations and Multimedia Director at the Montana Film Office, where he worked on the preservation of the Big Sky on the Big Screen Act, Montana’s only film tax incentive. Until joining S360, he coordinated public involvement around infrastructure projects as part of a two-person team in more than 11 states.

He often serves as the team’s liaison to the State of Montana and lobbyist for tech and healthcare clients. Nik has represented S360 on behalf of healthcare providers, Fortune 500 companies, Montana non-profits, state departments, consumers, and industry regulators.

Outside of the office, Nik is one half of a boutique private chef team and indulges his passion for tabletop and video games.

Nik is graduate of Carroll College with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Gender Studies.

Nik Griffith
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