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Marla McDade Williams

Senior Director, Northern Nevada

Marla McDade Williams brings more than 25 years of government and policy experience to S360. She maintains a network of strong relationships across interest groups, carries a deep understanding of policy development and analysis, and has the ability to navigate complex levels of government bureaucracy.

Prior to S360, Ms. McDade Williams served as a Deputy Administrator in the Division of Public and Behavioral Health in Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services. Here, she was responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of statutes and regulations governing public health and safety in Nevada, and represented the division before the state legislature. Marla is viewed as a leading policy expert for medical marijuana, having shepherded the successful adoption of regulations governing medical marijuana establishments in Nevada, and has been called upon to provide guidance through the regulatory process for recreational marijuana as well.

Prior to serving as the Deputy, Ms. McDade Williams served as a Bureau Chief in the Division where she regulated health facilities. She also served 8 years on staff in the Nevada State Legislature.

Ms. McDade Williams earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Washington State University, and served as intern and staff to then Washington State Sen. Patty Murray during that time. Ms. McDade Williams went on to receive a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Marla McDade Williams
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