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Lynea Hansen

Senior Vice President, Colorado

Lynea Hansen specializes in strategic messaging and communications, with deep expertise in public affairs and a background in political communications ranging from campaigns to legislative agendas.

Previously she had her own consulting firm, Hansen Communications, located in Denver, where she worked with a wide variety of non-profit, corporate and legislative clients including Microsoft, the Higher Education Access Alliance and National Popular Vote. Lynea has successfully represented a wide variety of public policy positions at the state and local level, ranging from requiring carbon monoxide detectors in homes, to helping undocumented students get in-state tuition, to promoting local economic development.

In the political arena, Lynea worked on campaigns ranging from Congressional races to City Council contests to ballot initiatives and the Denver mayoral race, often performing a dual role of managing the campaigns and acting as a spokesperson. Realizing there was a real gap in understanding between the individuals and groups advocating a position and community leaders, she left the day-to-day campaign world behind and created her own firm to fill that gap on numerous issues. She has also consulted on business development and previously served as a budget analyst.

Lynea was born and raised in Southeastern Colorado where the cows outnumber the residents and water is the most precious commodity. Lynea enjoys living in downtown Denver and often leaves “the big city” to visit the “farm” so she can find some political and life balance.

She has a bachelor’s in communication and political science from the University of Colorado in Boulder and received her master’s in public administration from the University of Colorado Denver.

Lynea Hansen
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