Our Team

Lincoln Smyser

Director of Government Relations

Lincoln is a 6th generation Idahoan with more than 12 years of experience in political campaigns, government affairs, and direct lobbying in Idaho. As the Director of Government Relations in Idaho, Lincoln’s relationships and understanding of the political landscape help his clients navigate critical decisions and avoid potential political pitfalls.

Lincoln has worked on several successful gubernatorial, congressional, and legislative campaigns, developing deep, meaningful relationships with Idaho’s electeds. In previous roles, Lincoln has served as the Deputy Finance Director for the California Republican Party and the Political and Communications Director for one of Idaho’s constitutional officers.

Working in both Idaho and California, Lincoln has successfully led more than 25 legislative campaigns. He has experience on a broad array of issues including tax, transportation, healthcare, and natural resource policy issues both at local and national levels.

Lincoln is a graduate of the University of Idaho and lives with his wife Kelly and three-year-old twins Harper and Hudson.  In his free time, he enjoys golf, tennis, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Lincoln Smyser
can be reached at