Our Team

Keith Schomaker

Government Affairs Policy Manager

Keith joined the S360 Nevada team as a consultant responsible for furthering client’s objectives during the 2021 legislative session. He supports clients with bill tracking, research, campaigns, digital, PR, and marketing. With expertise in higher education and public institutions, Keith understands how to navigate complex organizations to build meaningful relationships that drive his clients goals forward.

Prior to S360, Keith ran an educational outreach program out of the University of Cincinnati. He worked with local and state governments, industry, public school systems, and institutions of higher education to improve outcomes for foster youth in high school and beyond. Previously, Keith served as an International Educator in Madrid, Spain. Keith is passionate about creating diverse and inclusive spaces and has lived, worked, and studied in Mexico, Chile, Spain, and South Korea.

Keith holds a MA in Political Science and a BS in International Affairs. He is a youth mentor and volunteers with the Gay & Lesbian Student Education Network (GLSEN). In his free time, Keith enjoys traveling, hiking, and sampling new foods, wines, and beer.

Keith Schomaker
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