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Kahliah Laney

Education Communications Director

As part of the S360 education team, Kahliah brings her storytelling skills to help our growing number of school districts, nonprofits, advocacy groups and agencies communicate to diverse audiences and create compelling messaging.

Prior to joining Strategies 360, Kahliah worked for NYU Langone Health where she was an internal communications specialist. In this role, she created and facilitated the distribution of internal messaging about the health institute’s award-winning information technology system for the more than 25,000 employees that work at the internationally recognized organization. She also developed, project managed and executed internal communications plans for major hospital information technology integrations.

Having worked in the communications field in various capacities for more than a decade, Kahliah has a background in news media, policy and local government. She holds a master’s in broadcast journalism and urban affairs from the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor’s in English and sociology from the University of California, Davis.

Kahliah grew up in Fresno, California, where she attended the same performing arts high school as Tony Award winner Audra McDonald. She thoroughly enjoys tacos, HGTV and karaoke. She lived in New York City for seven years before relocating to Seattle in January 2018 with her husband, Vishal Persaud. She can be reached at KahliahL@strategies360.com

Kahliah Laney
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