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Josef Holper

Account Manager, Orange County

Josef is an Account Manager for the Strategies 360’s Orange County office where he is responsible for communication consultations, social media management, community outreach, and content creation. He also oversees the overall activities on behalf of clients’ projects. With a background in law, Josef adds expertise in legislation and policy to support effective political strategies that complement his communications services.  

Prior to S360, Josef was the Communications Director and Senior Field Representative for State Assembly Member, Sharon Quirk-Silva. While serving in this position for three years, Josef oversaw all internal and external communications from the office, including the coordination of events, arranging interviews, and developing talking points for the Assembly Member’s priorities. Beyond his time working for Assemblymember Quirk-Silva, he has extensive experience working on campaigns at the local and federal level, including strategy and outreach to the community on behalf of candidates. In his work in campaigns and in the California Assembly, Josef has developed strong and trusting relationships with lawmakers and their staff, as well as traditional media in the region.  

Josef earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University, Fullerton and a Juris Doctorate from Valparaiso University, School of Law. In addition to work, Josef is an executive board member for Orange County Young Democrats and a member of St. Juliana’s Church where he and his wife volunteer for homeless assistance programs in their community.  

Born and raised in Orange County, Josef has always held an affinity to the West Coast not only for what it offers for him personally, but for the entire community.  

Josef Holper
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