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Jennifer Williamson

Senior Vice President, Government Relations

Jennifer Williamson, a fourth generation Oregonian, has spent her life dedicated to public service. Now, as Senior Vice President of Government Relations in S360’s Oregon office, Jennifer advocates for public policy endeavors that support the health and welfare of all Oregonians.

Jennifer joined S360 after serving in the Oregon House of Representatives, where she acted as Majority Leader for the Democratic caucus. While in the legislature, Jennifer was a leading advocate for criminal justice reform, women’s health care, and working Oregonians and their families.

In her time in Salem, Jennifer led the effort in the Oregon House to require background checks on all gun purchases. She fought for women and families passing the most comprehensive reproductive healthcare bill in the country and championing a statewide paid sick leave law. Jennifer also held at-fault corporations accountable by closing a legal loophole so they could no longer avoid paying court-ordered penalties when they injure or defraud someone. She acted as chair of the House Committee on Rules and the House Committee on Judiciary, and a subcommittee chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.

Jennifer got her start in politics early. As a student, she became an advocate for college affordability when proposed cuts to the Pell grant programs threatened to end her academic career. Her work ensuring all Oregonians would have access to higher education led her to a position in the Washington D.C. office of Senator Mark O. Hatfield.

After receiving her J.D. from Willamette University, Jennifer worked in private practice. She returned to education when she joined the staff of Portland State University and then as a member of the executive team at the Oregon Department of Education under Superintendent Susan Castillo.

Jennifer, who grew up on a farm in Washington County, lives in Portland. She is a volunteer serving on the boards of Fora Health which is dedicated to treatment, care and advocacy for all who are affected by substance use disorder, and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV), working to protect Oregon’s natural legacy. She is also an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow.

Jennifer Williamson
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