Our Team

James McLallen

Design Lead

James’ boundless curiosity regarding the creative process has been the driving force of his 20 year career path in the design industry. His robust technical skill set emerges from experience with the full spectrum of media including video production, web design, and print. These professional strengths make him fearless in the face of new projects with short timelines and unknown variables. James is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Politics has been in James’ life from an early age. James’ mother was a 3-term mayor of his hometown Novi, MI. In 2008 James took a break from his design career to organize fundraising campaigns for national non-profit organizations. With a renewed sense of public service, he went on to contribute his skills as a Professor of Design at a local community college, a school focused on developing careers for underserved communities.

James has called Seattle home for 22 years. If he is not attending a movie, playing music with his band (Walrus Machine), or avoiding painting a canvas in his private studio then he is camping in the mountains and reading a book.

James McLallen
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