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Howard Trott

Senior Advisor

An experienced entrepreneur and project manager, Howard Trott helps the firm develop and bring renewable energy and natural resources projects to fruition. He often works on multi-state projects that require complex business strategy, financing and public policy interactions.

Howard is an executive with more than 25 years of experience developing and operating a wide range of energy projects, real estate investments and business ventures, including for 21 years with telecommunications pioneer Craig McCaw. In addition to his work with Strategies 360, Howard is also presently the CEO of C4 Solar, a company that develops effective, sustainable solar projects.

Howard has completed a vast array of high-profile projects ranging from solar farms and aviation projects to large conservation projects. He is deeply focused on advancing green energy technologies, and designing with sustainability and conservation.

Previously, Howard was managing director of the Teanaway Solar Reserve, a solar project designed and permitted to generate 75 megawatts of renewable energy—enough to power approximately 45,000 households.

During Howard’s tenure with Craig McCaw, he was responsible for a variety of development projects, including the successful conversion of James Island from an unusable, contaminated island in the gulf of British Columbia to a model of environmental sustainability. Howard has also built corporate aircraft hangars for some of the largest corporations in the world.

Howard Trott
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