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Gina Plate

Senior Vice President of Education, California

With unapparelled experience working in all manner of education in the state, Gina  Plate brings an understanding and familiarity to a complex sector. In her role as Senior Vice President of Education Services, she advises clients in the education sector on policy and strategy, as well as advocates for their needs at local and state levels.

Prior to joining S360, Gina served as the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Special Education at the California Charter Schools Association. She served as the primary liaison for all special education issues for more than a decade. Working closely both internally and externally, Gina also supported the needs of schools for any regulatory and advocacy work, including expertise in state and federal special education program and funding.

Gina was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the Advisory Commission on Special Education (ACSE) and held the position of Chair from 2011-2019. As Chair of the Commission, Gina had the unique opportunity to bring together expertise from both traditional school districts and charter schools statewide. In collaboration with education interests across the state, she focused on creative funding arrangements to ensure that general education classrooms were prepared to serve all students, regardless of their unique needs or abilities.

Gina has provided expert testimony in California Senate and Assembly hearings and acted as an advisor to the Governor’s Administration and State Agencies on a range of educational issues. Most recently Gina has been serving with numerous working groups and advisory bodies focused on issues including inclusive education, integration of Medi-Cal services into schools, and inclusive preschool and Pre-K.

Gina has served the CA Alliance of Child and Family services, providing consultation to their education steering committee and individual support to members serving students with the most significant emotional and mental health needs statewide. She has been a Director of Education at a state-wide NPA/NPS, a principal, and a teacher.

Gina received her undergraduate degree and her Master’s in Special Education from the University of San Diego.  She holds Multiple Subject Clear Teaching and Special Education Credentials, and has specific authorization in serving students with significant mental health and behavioral health challenges.

Gina Plate
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