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Gabrielle Kumesan

Digital Account Manager

As Digital Account Manager at Strategies 360, Gabrielle believes that creativity and analytics are the winning match when it comes to solutions for a client’s needs. She works alongside the S360’s Digital Media Group to develop an effective online presence across channels through digital advertising, content strategy and campaign optimization.

An early advocate of digital media, Gabrielle has had the privilege of being on the forefront of digital marketing for most of her career. Prior to joining S360, Gabrielle developed campaigns for a diverse range of companies which included SaaS start-ups, marketing agencies, educational programs and tech giants such as Nintendo.

Gabrielle graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Communications. Her relentless curiosity has led her to further her education with an MBA in Marketing. Having grown up in Washington State, Gabrielle often finds herself in the mountains with her feet in either a snowboard or hiking shoes, dependent on the season.

Gabrielle Kumesan
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