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Forrest Graeber

Senior IT Security Specialist

Forrest helps the S360 team with IT related needs and technical support. As the firm grows, he is responsible for assisting our teams with updated processes from new digital tools to security programs. With a combination of strategic communication knowledge and IT expertise, Forrest offers clear guidance to Strategies 360’s teams across the firm footprint.

Prior to S360, Forrest worked with Nintendo in data entry and Elysium Project as a game tester. Forrest also recently expanded his knowledge base through a cyber security program at The Prelude Institute and received a Cyber Security Analyst Certificate focused on computer and network forensics. While at The Prelude Institute, he built a campaign to educate colleagues on the dangers of phishing. The campaign helped cyber security professionals spot signs of malicious intent and defensive techniques to mitigate potential phishing threats.

Forrest keeps his tech skills sharp through ethical hacking events around Seattle, learning the engineering side of video game development, and supporting sustainable repairs of older technologies.

Born and raised in Olympia, Forrest is a dedicated Pacific Northwesterner who loves the outdoors, music and the local food scene. He graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s in Communication and Technology.

Forrest Graeber
can be reached at