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With over two decades of combined experiences in media and public relations, communications strategy, government affairs, and community outreach, Donalyn brings to the S360 Hawaii team a passionate drive to offer broad-reaching, targeted, and meaningful results for all its valued clients.

Prior to joining S360, Donalyn was the Director of Communications for the Hawaii State Department of Education, where she strategized and built an internal and external communications infrastructure in one of the largest government agencies in the state and the only State Education Agency (SEA)/Local Education Agency (LEA) in the country. Through her vast knowledge and experience in building relationships with media, business, government, and community leaders, Donalyn’s communications expertise includes understanding issues and their outlier perspectives, strategizing targeted messaging, and fostering collaborative vision among stakeholders in the spirit of positive change.

Donalyn’s all-angle approach stems from her private and public sector work as a broadcast journalist, lobbyist, spokesperson, and communications director. An expert communications advisor, Donalyn assists executives through transition and crisis management. She served as Deputy Communications Director and spokesperson for former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, worked in Washington D.C. as Press Secretary for the late U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka, and was Communications Director for the Hawaii Democratic Party. Donalyn is a featured speaker for leadership development and communications practices in business and homeland security. She enjoys spending time mentoring youth and is an active community member, serving on educational, non-profit and cultural boards.

A native of Wahiawa, Oahu, Donalyn earned a MA in security studies from the Naval Postgraduate School and a BA in journalism from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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