Our Team

Brookelynn Nisenbaum

Director of Communications and Outreach, Arizona

Born and raised in Arizona, Brookelynn has been dedicated to the desert since day one – building community and serving the public in every way she can.

Having worked as a research analyst at the Arizona State Senate, community planning manager at Local First Arizona, and business organizer and digital media producer for Opportunity Arizona, Brookelynn brings a swiss army knife of skills. From community relations to digital media production, she utilizes a variety of proven skills to create the most effective communication campaigns possible. At S360 Arizona, Brookelynn develops and executes communication strategies for various non-profits, candidates and initiatives.

In her volunteer leadership role as Vice President and Director of Development at Urban Phoenix Project, Brookelynn is constantly seeking new partnerships and innovations that push Phoenix towards becoming the best city it can be. She brings this same spirit to her work with Strategies 360.

In her free time, she’s a frequent live music attendee, subpar tennis player, and avid reader of books written exclusively by women. Brookelynn holds a Master’s in Public Administration and Bachelor’s in Public Policy from Arizona State University’s Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions.

Brookelynn Nisenbaum
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