Strategies 360 was founded on the principle that policy, politics and communications are closely intertwined.

Having worked for federal and state elected officials, school districts, political campaigns, news organizations and research and communications firms, our team has unmatched expertise in helping school districts prepare for upcoming bond and levy elections, as well as helping citizen groups run successful campaigns.

Strategies 360 works with school districts on developing strategic communication and engagement plans, including polling and conducting an audit of current communications tolls. All this work is done to make sure districts have authentically engaged their communities before a bond package is even developed. 

With the district set up for success, S360 then develops and manages bond and levy campaigns for citizen committees, helping volunteers reach their full grassroots potential.  

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S360’s Winning Bond and Levy Practice

Our Practice

Citizens Campaigns

S360 Helps Citizen Campaigns
Get A YES Vote

As diligent as we are when working for school districts, we are equally schooled in developing and implementing citizen campaign strategy. We know how to communicate, educate, persuade, engage and get the vote out through every effective channel. We also are well versed in the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission rules and regulations.

Yes For Highline

S360 developed and helped implement a campaign strategy that included conducting electoral and public opinion research, developing a strategic campaign plan for the volunteer group and helping manage the effort. Strategies included targeted precinct outreach, digital marketing, earned media and GOTV efforts. The Nov. 2016 approval was the first bond measure to pass in more than a decade.

Lake Washington Citizen Levy Committee

Developed and implemented the campaign strategy for the April 2016 bond, including research-based messaging, media relations, digital/social media, targeted precinct engagement. It was the first bond approved for LWSD in 10 years.

Citizens for Everett Public Schools

The April 2016 bond and levy were passed after S360 conducted polling and message testing, created priority targeted precincts for a GOTV effort, developed the full campaign strategy and conducted a digital media strategy on Facebook and key news outlets. This was the first bond to pass since 2006.

How we help
citizen campaigns

  • Campaign strategy
    and plan
  • Public opinion research

  • Message framework

  • Targeted voter and precinct analysis

  • Campaign management

  • Grassroots organizing

  • Digital and social media

  • Creative design, websites and videos

  • Media relations

  • Content creation

About Us

Karen Waters uses her extensive knowledge of government relations, public affairs and communications as COO of Strategies 360. A passionate advocate for public education, Karen works with citizen campaigns by creating and leading innovative and targeted strategies to get out the vote in today’s election climate. Karen served six years in the office of Sen. Patty Murray, most recently as the deputy state director, overseeing outreach with constituents.

Lesley worked at Strategies 360 from 2007-2011, then re-joined the firm in 2014 after serving as the Chief Communications Officer for Seattle Public Schools for nearly four years. With hands-on K-12 district experience, Lesley understands the need for school districts to authentically engage with both internal and external audiences. At S360, she works with school districts to build trust and communicate important facility news.

Karen Waters
Karen Waters

Lesley Rogers
Senior Vice President, Education

Karen Waters
Chief Operations Officer

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